Special Considerations due to National Service

I am a PSB Academy student studying a UWA Offshore Science course. I have been called up for National Service which will lead me to miss some labs/ studies/ tests. Can I apply for Special Considerations in such cases?


We recognise that National Service is a mandatory commitment for many Singaporean students and we may be able to make arrangements to accommodate such exceptional circumstances.

If you have been called up for National Service and if the call-up communication was sent to you well in advance of the teaching period in which studies will be impacted then, in the first instance, you should check how many labs / mandatory classes/ academic content or studies you will be missing.

If you will be missing more than 2 labs and if the studies you will be missing contribute to a significant component of the unit assessment, then you should:

  • First check with your National Service Supervising Officer whether you are able to defer your duties to a later date when it may not affect your studies or where the effect is marginal.
  • To seek deferment of National Service, you may contact PSB Academy to get an appropriate letter of enrolment / appropriate documentation to support your case.
  • If your request to defer the National Service is approved then you will not need to seek any special consideration.
  • If your request to defer the National Service is declined then you may:
    • Consider deferring your studies in that unit/ teaching period to the next year if it can be accommodated in your study pathway. If there is scope to accommodate the studies in that unit in a later teaching period / academic year without major gaps or extension of your pathway then the Faculty may recommend a gap in the affected teaching period.
    • Seek special consideration request providing appropriate documentation that clearly indicates that your National Service cannot be deferred to a later date.

If you will not be missing more than 2 labs and/ or significant component of your unit assessment, you may seek Special Consideration providing appropriate documentation. If you wish, you may seek deferment of the National Service rather than seek special consideration.

If Special Consideration is approved then, you will be responsible to catch up with the academic content/ studies missed and are expected to contact your unit coordinator within prescribed time lines to ensure that you are on track with your studies/ assignments/ labs etc.

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