McCusker Centre internship application process

What is the application process for a McCusker Centre internship?

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The McCusker Centre for Citizenship offers currently enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to connect with the community, not for profit and government sectors through our established and successful Internship Program.

Student interns are selected through a competitive application process. Applications are assessed based on the quality of the responses, demonstrated communication skills, interests and experience.

Students can undertake our program 'for credit' or 'not for credit'. Where possible, students seeking academic credit will be given preference. 

Ready to get started? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the McCusker Centre website for more information
  2. Carefully consider your commitments for the teaching period. Are you able to commit to the requirements of the program?
  3. Review the roles that are on offer, to gain an understanding of the types of internships we have
  4. Click 'start an application' and follow the instructions  at the top of the form. You will be guided to seek School approval as part of the process 
  5. Complete the application form including the incident number from the askUWA enquiry about your School approval (where applicable)
  6. Check your student email account regularly for updates and respond promptly
For more information, please contact the McCusker Centre for Citizenship on 6488 1690 or Email.

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