Doing a McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship if your timetable is full

I do not have enough room in my timetable; can I still do a McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship?

Before applying, please consider all of your commitments for the teaching period. McCusker Centre for Citizenship internships require:

  • 100 hours of internship
  • Online Pre-placement Module – 1 hour
  • Introduction to Active Citizenship session – 1 hour
  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Session  - 2 hours
  • Mid-Internship Check-in session  - 1 hour
  • Student Advisory Committee Event attendance – 1 hour
  • Final Reflective Discussion – 1 hour
  • 3 x reflective journal entries – 500 words each
Semester internships are usually completed 1 day per week. Winter and Summer internships are completed 3-4 days per week, to complete the 100 hours within 4 weeks.
Please note that students enrolled in the 0-point units (SVLG1005 or SVLG5900) must complete all of the same requirements in order to achieve an UP (ungraded pass) result. Failure to complete the requirements will result in an UF (ungraded fail) result recorded on the formal academic transcript.

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