Changing your course of study

Is it possible to change my course of study?

Changing your course is a fairly straightforward process that you can organise in conjunction with a Student Adviser. However, it requires some reflection on your part before doing anything:
  • What is it about your course that leads you to believe it is the wrong one?
  • Have you identified a course that you think is more suited to you?
  • Do you need 'time out'?
Think about these sorts of issues and then book an appointment with your Student Advising Office so you can discuss things more fully. If a related problem for you is a lack of career direction then it might also be valuable to discuss things with a Careers Adviser.

Students can also complete one of our online career development modules ‘Module 1: Self-Awareness’. This allows you to gain a better understanding of what is important to you to have in a career. It also gives our careers advisers a better understanding of what you are interested in so we can give you more specific advice. Once you have completed the module you will also be able to book careers advice appointments online. The module consists of some information and a few career quizzes. To access the module and book appointments upon completion, visit the Career Advice Appointments work flow on the 'Dashboard' tab of CareerHub.

For undergraduates there are two transfer windows (periods of time) each academic year for current students to transfer to another eligible undergraduate course. Applications must be submitted online via the link on studentConnect.

For postgraduate students there is no transfer process. If you wish to change your course, you must successfully apply and enrol in the new course, and withdraw from your old course. We strongly recommend you talk to your Student Advising Office.

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