Employability once you finish your degree

Will I be employable once I finish my degree?
It is important to prepare for employment before you graduate. Employers are more interested in what you can DO for them than what you know. Your employability will be determined by the skills you develop during your time at University and the way in which you prepare yourself for the transition from University to work. Planning for this transition needs to start at the beginning of your course, not the end, and involves making sure you accumulate a wide range of practical experiences throughout your time at Uni.

Some experiences that you can pursue to develop your skills base include:
  • obtain a casual or part-time job
  • join a student society and assist with running functions or activities
  • undertake voluntary community work
These sorts of activities will not only enhance your employability but also be valuable in helping you to take control of your own career goals and development.

We have now introduced a Careers and Employability Award to help prepare students for job applications and the transition into the workplace. The experiences you gain during your degree can go towards the completion of this award. 

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