Elevator pitch explained

What is an elevator pitch?
An elevator pitch is a short, pre-prepared speech that clearly and succinctly introduces you and explains what makes you unique.  

Why is it called an elevator pitch? Imagine getting into an elevator with the CEO of an organisation. You have about 30 seconds until your reach the CEO’s floor to introduce yourself – what would you say?

To find out more about elevator pitches please read Activity 1, Module 3 of the EMPLOY101 modules which can be found through LMS using the following steps:

How to enrol on UWA LMS for Employ 101 Modules
  1. Go to the UWA LMS web page and log in with your Student Number and Pheme Password.
  2. On the “My Institution” Homepage click “Community”, located on the top menu bar, on the right hand side of the page.
  3. In the “Organisation Search” window, type in UWA Career Development Modules and click “GO”.
  4. Under the “Organisation ID” window, click the dropbox, located next to the Program Code. The window “Enrol” appears. Click “Enrol”.
  5. You will now come to the “Self-Enrolment” page. Click “Submit” to proceed with enrolment.
  6. Now return to the “My Institution” Homepage and you should see the unit under the “My Organisation” window. Click the relevant unit to work through that module.

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