Interview Stream explained

What is Interview Stream?

Looking to practice an interview? Wondering what sort of questions will be asked? Looking for feedback on your skills?

On Interview Stream you will find valuable resources to assist you with your interviewing development. Once ready, you can conduct interviews and receive feedback. Here is our guide to getting started:

  • Go to Interview Stream and login with your UWA Number and Pheme Password.
  • When the dashboard loads you can choose to conduct an interview or watch an interview you have already recorded. Use the resources at the bottom if you need help.
  • When you are conducting an interview have a web cam or your mobile camera ready to go, Interview Stream will test the connection before your interview starts. You can create your own interview using the questions from a list of more than 100 commonly asked questions or use a default interview.
  • Conduct the interview, the interviewer will ask you a question and then give you time to reply. Once you have finished practicing the interview will be saved to your profile so you can review it yourself or with a Careers Adviser.
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