When to expect your graduation ceremony tickets

When will I receive my graduation ceremony tickets?

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Important Ticket Information
Registering your attendance: It is imperative that you register your attendance for your graduation ceremony via the GFP online ordering portal. The purpose of registering your attendance in this portal is so that you are able to order and send your guest tickets, and to ensure that you will be allocated a graduand ticket and seat number.
Complementary tickets for Winthrop Hall
Up to two complementary guest tickets are available for each graduand. Download your two complimentary guest tickets for Winthrop Hall from Monday 28 November 2022 via the GFP online ordering portal.
Log in to the GFP Graduations online portal to get your complimentary guest ticket(s) for Winthrop Hall. All guest tickets are electronic and available from GFP Graduations even if you do not order your regalia from them.
  • Step 1: Log in to the GFP Graduations online portal and order your tickets.
  • Step 2: Send each ticket to the individual guest.
  • Once ordered, a popup will appear prompting you to download your guest tickets. Follow the link, and send each individual guest their ticket. You can also complete this process by clicking on the “Click here to download your guest tickets” link in your order confirmation. Please note, you can change or update the guest details and resend them at any time. Please ensure that you have sent your guest tickets prior to the ceremony. If your guests do not have their tickets they will not be permitted entry into the venue or the refreshment area after the ceremony.

If your guests do not present their tickets they will not be permitted into Winthrop Hall or the refreshment venue after the ceremony.

If you have problems retrieving your tickets, please contact GFP Graduations on 1300 360 445 or info@gfp.com.au

Physical Tickets will not be posted to students under any circumstances.

Guest tickets for Winthrop Hall are for the graduands’ family and friends only and cannot be transferred to another graduand for use. If you no longer require your tickets, please inform the Graduations Office immediately. These electronic tickets will be cancelled and rendered unusable. If you request to be transferred to a future graduation ceremony or to graduate in absentia, the Graduations Office will automatically cancel your electronic tickets and render the tickets unusable.

Reception tickets with complimentary Live-stream access: Can I apply for or buy more guest tickets for my graduation ceremony?
We understand your graduation is an important celebration of your hard work and achievements that you would like to enjoy with your family and friends. The limited seating in Winthrop Hall means guest tickets are limited so to enable you to share the experience with more loved ones you have the option to purchase up to ten graduation live-streaming and refreshment packages from GFP Graduations. The cost of the package is $25.00 per person and it includes:

  • Unallocated seating within a live-streaming venue;
  • Live-streaming of the graduation ceremony;
  • Post-ceremony receptions. Refreshments consist of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a canapés

If you require more than ten extra guest tickets please contact GFP customer service via email or call 1300 360 445.

Online purchase of live-streaming tickets for ceremonies close at midday the day prior to each ceremony.

Live-streaming tickets are still available to purchase on the day from the information tent one and a half hours prior to your ceremony.

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