When to expect your graduation ceremony tickets

When will I receive my graduation ceremony tickets?

Complementary tickets for Winthrop Hall
Up to two complementary guest tickets are available for each graduand. Three weeks before your ceremony you will receive an email inviting you to download your guest tickets for Winthrop Hall.

Step 1: Log in to the GFP Graduations online portal and order your tickets. 

Step 2: You will receive an order confirmation email.

Step 3: Within an hour of receiving the order confirmation email you will receive a separate email with PDF tickets attached.

You will need to print these tickets prior to your arrival at the venue. If your guests do not have printed ticket(s) they will not be permitted entry into the venue or the refreshment venue after the ceremony. All guest tickets are electronic tickets and are available from GFP Graduations even if you do not order your regalia from them. If you have any problems retrieving your tickets, please contact GFP Graduations

Guest tickets for Winthrop Hall are for graduands' family and friends only and cannot be transferred to another graduand for use. If you no longer require your tickets, please inform the Graduations Office immediately. These electronic tickets will be cancelled and rendered unusable. If you request to be transferred to a future graduation ceremony or to graduate in absentia, the Graduations Office will automatically cancel your electronic tickets and render the tickets unusable.

View your seat allocation
Log into studentConnect, select 'Graduation' and click on 'View ceremony and attendance details' to view your seat number. Graduands will line up according to their seat number before proceeding to Winthrop Hall. Check studentConnect approximately 3 days before your ceremony in case your seat number has been updated. Physical tickets are not issued for graduands.

Purchased tickets
You can purchase a "Graduation/Live-streaming and refreshments package", these electronic tickets will be sent to your nominated email address. Prior to the ceremony, print the electronic tickets and give them to your guests as they will need these tickets to enter the lecture theatre and the post-ceremony reception.

Changing/ transferring your tickets 
If you are no longer able to attend your ceremony, contact the Graduation Team as soon as possible. Your guest tickets aren't assigned to a person, so if you have a guest who is no longer able to attend you can invite someone else. If you have purchased a live streaming ticket which you no longer require, contact the GFP as soon as possible to receive a refund.

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