Ability to find graduate employment at the end of your degree

Will I be able to find graduate employment at the end of my degree?

While the time required to secure a graduate job will vary enormously for individuals, most secure employment within 6 months of completing their course of study. Factors you can control and which will affect your prospects include:

  • The quality of your resume and the strength of your interview skills.
  • How diverse a job search strategy you use.
  • How flexible you are with the type and location of work you are seeking.

The most important thing to remember is not to wait until you have actually finished your degree before you start looking! Some employers use summer vacation work to identify potential graduates while others visit campus early in Semester 1 to target people and sign them up before course completion. Many of these opportunities will be publicised through Career Hub. Smaller organisations usually start looking for graduates later in the year, closer to when they are needed.

Using a diverse job search strategy and planning for your transition to a graduate job should start early and be something that you spend time on each week during the final year of your degree.

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