Making a complaint at UWA

How do I make a complaint at UWA?

The University continually seeks to enhance the student experience and has an ongoing commitment to equity, access and diversity. If you have cause to make a complaint about any matter, please follow this procedure as outlined in the University Policy on Student Complaint Resolution.

Stage 1 - Informal resolution
A complaint may be made and responded to in-person, via telephone, in writing via e-mail, or via Stage 1 Responsible Officers. No forms are required for this stage.

If you feel you are unable to approach the person directly or the Stage 1 process has been unsatisfactory, continue to::

Stage 2 - Formal resolution
A complaint must be submitted to the Complaint Resolution Unit (CRU) using the Complaint Submission Form (online and hardcopy available). UWA staff are available to assist if you need help, for example, if you are distressed at the time of making the complaint. The CRU will refer eligible complaints to the Stage 2 Responsible Officer.

Appealing a decision
Should you wish to appeal a Stage 2 complaint outcome, please submit your appeal to the Complaint Resolution Unit using the Appeal Submission Form which can be downloaded from the University Policy on: Student Complaint Resolution.

Professionally trained Guild Student Assist Officers are also available to receive complaints and offer advice about quality of service or education, or staff actions and behaviour.

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