Course transfer from Honours to Masters for Science Students

Can I transfer from a UWA Honours to a UWA Masters course offered by Faculty if Science?

If you are studying a UWA Honours course, you may be able to transfer to a postgraduate Masters degree offered by the Faculty of Science. Your options are:

  • Without taking the Honours award: this may reduce the required points for enrolment in the course to a minimum of 24 points.
  • With the Honours awarded: this may reduce the required points for enrolment in the course to a minimum of 48 points.

Domestic students submit a new application online
International students submit a new application via My Application online

You may receive some credit or advanced standing based on your transfer option. Credit / advance standing will be applied, based on the University Policy on: Credit Transfer, advanced standing and recognition of prior learning, with reference to all the sub clauses of Clause 4 - Limits on Credits.

Contact your Faculty Advising Office prior to Honours completion to discuss credit options and your course plan.

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