Qualtrics survey distribution

How do I distribute my Qualtrics survey?

There are two ways to distribute your survey:

  1. Perform a Mail Merge using Microsoft Word and Outlook and embed the survey link in the email template, or send link(s) via a pre-existing mailing list. Note: anonymous links cannot be distributed using this method, and emails need to be in a link-compatible format (e.g. html, rich text).
  2. Staff can use Qualtrics' mailer system to distribute their survey links.

For security purposes, Qualtrics Inc. has applied a weekly mailing limit of 10,000 survey invites when using the Qualtrics mailer. UWA has no control over this restriction. However, Qualtrics do allow individual exceptions for critical projects. You can contact Qualtrics directly with your request. To log a request for assistance go to the Qualtrics Support Page - click on the Contact Support link, choose the Sign in with SSO option, our organisational ID is "UWA".  Click continue and enter your UWA email address.  

Additional note about 'from' addresses: it is currently not possible to customise the 'from' address on emails sent from the Qualtrics mailer, only the '@uwa.edu.au' domain, and several default options, are viable from addresses. 

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