Qualtrics survey linking

How do I link surveys to distinguish between pre-test and post-test respondents whilst maintaining anonymity in Qualtrics?

Answer ID 2608 | Last updated on 07/01/2022 01.50 PM

Qualtrics assigns a unique ID to each response, not the respondent, so the unique ID for two responses submitted by the same respondent will be different. There are two solutions to linking surveys with anonymous responses, depending on the distribution of the survey:

  1. If it is possible to distribute the survey using the Qualtrics Emailer, a contact list of the participants can be created. Within that list, simply add a unique ID to each person in the External Data field which can be recorded using Embedded Data in both surveys. Then select 'Anonymize responses' found in the Survey Options menu to disassociate the email addresses from each response.
  2. If the anonymous survey link is preferred, the only option is to have the respondent pick a unique ID and enter it in as a text-entry question for each survey that is being linked together.

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