Qualtrics Application Program Interface

Does UWA have access to the Qualtrics Application Program Interface?
All UWA staff have access to Qualtrics' Application Program Interface (API) functionality. If you are a staff member and cannot access the feature or a student please email UWA Qualtrics Support.

Qualtrics Inc. provides detailed web resources about API integration which can be accessed here.

Note: Qualtrics have announced the deprecation of their Beta V1 and Public V2 APIs and have encouraged users to complete the migration to their Public V3 APIs. On March 31st 2020 Qualtrics' Beta V1 and Public V2 APIs will be depreciated. After March 31st 2020, V1 Beta or V2 API calls will no longer exist and calls to them will fail with HTTP 404 response codes.

What actions do you need to take? 
  • Please make sure you migrate all applications/services using Beta V1 or Public V2 APIs before the deprecation date
  • All existing Beta and V2 functionality can be found with the new V3 API set
  • Failure to migrate any Beta V1 or Public V2 APIs to V3 before March 31st 2020, may result in failures to access the Qualtrics XM Platform
  • Additional documentation can be found here in the Beta to V3 MIGRATION GUIDE and the V2-to-V3 MIGRATION GUIDE

Why is this important?
The migration to the Public V3 APIs is critical for:

  • Improving security (reduces attack surface)
  • Increasing availability
  • Enhancing the developer experience (easier to develop)
  • Adds new functionality and capabilities

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