Using Qualtrics offline

Is it possible to use Qualtrics offline?

Due to a changes by Qualtrics Inc., the Qualtrics Offline Surveys App will not work with UWA's current SSO login. Up until mid 2019 a version of an App was available for iOS and Android (4.0 or higher) that allowed users to administer surveys on their mobile devices without an internet connection. Responses could be collected in the field on a mobile device and then uploaded into Qualtrics as soon as an internet connection was available. If you have an older version of these Apps installed (i.e., before mid 2019) they have been reported to still be functional with UWA's SSO login. See Qualtrics' page about setting up the Offline App which may still be relevant/useful. 

For further assistance or advice with this contact Qualtrics Support.

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