Requesting Qualtrics survey approval as a student

How can I request survey approval from my supervisor through Qualtrics?

Once you have constructed your survey, you will need to select the 'Activate' button. A dialogue box opens which allows you to select a staff member to approve the survey. Make sure only the supervisor or unit coordinator name is selected. This menu is not alphabetical, nor is there a search field; a manual search for the intended name is required. Once a name has been selected, click on the 'Request Approval' button.

Note: if the supervisor name cannot be found, it may be that they do not have a UWA Staff account in Qualtrics and will need to set up an account in order to approve your survey.

Once approval has been requested you will see in the 'My Surveys' tab, the approval request panel will now be visible. The status will say 'pending' until the supervisor gives approval. Once your supervisor has approved your survey you will then be able to distribute it.

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