Formally reporting an incident or complaint

I want to make a formal report about some concerning behaviour I witnessed on campus. Should I lodge an incident report with UWA Security or a complaint with the Integrity and Standards Unit?

Answer ID 2667 | Last updated on 20/10/2021 08.18 AM

Security concerns should be reported to UWA Security and these are primarily safety concerns involving:

  • suicide or self-harm
  • physical violence towards others
  • alleged criminal acts including: assault, domestic violence, stalking
  • mental health effects
  • missing persons
  • bomb or phone threat 
  • suspicious person / activity
All other matters should be raised through informal and formal processes which may involve lodging a complaint with the Integrity and Standards Unit (ISU).
Note: UWA Security and the ISU work in collaboration and may share information to ensure a safe community for all, while respecting an individual’s right to privacy.

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