Contact hours and assessment for a McCusker Centre internship

What are the contact hours and assessment for a McCusker Centre internship?

You are required to complete a minimum 100 hours for your internship. For internships taken over a regular semester, this equates to 8 hours or one day per week with your host organisation. Summer and Winter internships are usually undertaken over a shorter period e.g. 3 - 4 weeks. Actual hours are negotiated between the student intern and host organisation so it depends on individual placements.

Class attendance consists of a mandatory induction and cultural awareness training session and attendance at at least one McCusker Centre event. Assessment consists of three reflective journals and a final presentation which reflects on your learning as well as the completion of the UWA Pre-Placement modules on LMS. These requirements must be completed, regardless of whether you are undertaking an internship for 6 points or 0 points of credit.

Further information about unit requirements can be found in the UWA handbook.

In special circumstances, some graduate students may be permitted to undertake an extended (12 point) internship. Assessment in these cases will be negotiated between the Academic Coordinator of the McCusker Centre for Citizenship and the student’s Course Coordinator.

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