Applying for a McCusker Centre internship if you are already enrolled in 4 units

Can I apply for a McCusker Centre internship if I have already enrolled in 4 units?

Answer ID 2681 | Last updated on 15/06/2022 09.44 AM

Yes, you can still apply for an internship. If your application is successful, you will need to withdraw from one of your other units or obtain approval for an overload from your Student Advising Office.

You can also apply for the internship as a 0-credit-point experience (SVLG1005, SVLG5900). Please note that preference, when matching roles, is given to students who enrol in a 6-point McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship unit (SVLG1002, SVLG2002, SVLG3003, SVLG5001). Enrolment in a 0-point unit also requires approval from your Student Advising Office.

Students who enrol in the 0 point unit will not incur a unit fee. The 0-point units appear on your transcript and have an ungraded pass or fail result. The 0-point units have the same requirements (100-hour internship plus assessments items and attendance), as the 6-point units.

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