Handling timetabling clashes with your McCusker Centre internship

Will the McCusker Centre internship clash with my timetable?
Your host organisation understands that you also have study and work commitments, so you can negotiate your work days and times directly with them to complete the 100 hours, once you have been matched to an internship. 

The sessions listed below are booked via CAS, and will show up in your timetable once allocated:
  • An Introduction to Active Citizenship session
  • An Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training
  • A mid-semester check in session (for those in S1 or S2 internships)
  • The final “end of internship” reflection session.
Students are NEVER required to attend their internship instead of an examination or in class assessment. You can negotiate with your supervisor regarding working around class times, exams and assessments. 

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