Assignment feedback

Can I expect to get feedback on my assignment?

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Feedback is an essential part of the learning process and you can expect to receive a mark and feedback for each assessment item submitted for assessment. Check your unit's Learning Management System (LMS) for details on how marks and feedback will be returned to you.

Feedback on assessments submitted on time will be made available to you at least one week before the next assessment in the unit is due, or no more than 15 University working days after submission, whichever is sooner.

Your Unit Coordinator can also, on request, arrange for you to view your marked examination script or else provide feedback on it.

Additional Information for UWA School of Design / EMS
For work submitted via LMS you will usually receive feedback in LMS after marking is complete.

  • Work submitted in hard copy in most non-studio units will be handed back in class or as specified by your unit coordinator. You will normally receive written feedback, and a mark, on your assessment item.
  • If you are in studio-based units you will receive feedback during semester, as well as further feedback after submission of your final folio.

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