Commencing your McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship before induction

Can I commence my McCusker Centre for Citizenship internship hours before I go to the Introduction to Active Citizenship seminar?

Answer ID 2734 | Last updated on 15/06/2022 10.23 AM

Attendance at Seminar 1: Introduction to Active Citizenship (IAC) and Seminar 2: Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training (ACAT) are compulsory as they form part of pre-commencement requirements that aim to equip you with the knowledge and understandings to undertake your internship. The two seminars will take place in the first week of the teaching period. You should hold off starting your internship hours until after you have attended these seminars, although you are encouraged to meet with your supervisor and discuss and plan your internship soon after you have been introduced to each other.

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