When is orientation

When is O-week?

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The standard Orientation period (O-Week) is held on campus the week before classes start each semester.

O-Week for Semester 1, 2023 will run from Monday 20th to Friday 24th February 2023.

Note: courses which run during non-standard teaching periods, including trimesters, will have their Orientation activities outside of these dates.

Orientation is designed to assist new students in making a smooth transition into their studies at UWA. During Orientation you will have opportunities to find out important information related to your course, learn about the different services and support on offer at UWA, get to know your campus and meet other students and UWA staff.

You can find details about all the activities taking place during the Orientation period on the UniStart website. If you log in to the UniStart website with your UWA Pheme credentials, you will be able to view a personalised Orientation schedule specific to you and your course/student type.

Students enrolled in courses running in non-standard teaching periods should refer to email correspondence from the university for information about their Orientation in conjunction with the information available on UniStart.

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