Application for direct pathway to the Juris Doctor (JD)

I heard that students can apply for a direct pathway to the postgraduate law course, the Juris Doctor (JD) - how does this work?

Current UWA students who have completed 48 points with a GPA of 6.0 in their undergraduate degree at UWA can now apply to be considered for a Direct Pathway to the postgraduate law qualification, the Juris Doctor.

This means, once you have completed your bachelor's degree with the required final UWA GPA, you will be eligible for a guaranteed place into the postgraduate JD.

We encourage all eligible students who are interested in pursuing the JD after their bachelor's degree to submit their application online by the deadline 7 December 2018. Successful students will be notified in writing to their UWA student email account by 21 December 2018. 

There will be no change to your current UWA course or enrolment, the Direct Pathway will simply be added to your record and viewable via studentConnect so please ensure that you re-enrol for 2018 and do not wait for the outcome of this application.

Please read the FAQ's below before submitting your application, if you have further queries, please use Email Us with "JD Direct Pathway" as the subject line.

Question Answer
What are the opening and closing dates for Semester 1, 2019? Applications are now open and close on 7 December 2018.
How do I apply for the direct pathway to the JD to be added to my current UWA undergraduate course? Apply online to have the JD added to your current UWA undergraduate course.
Is this open to both international and domestic students? Yes, this is open to all undergraduate students.
Will there be a quota and if so will it be split between international and domestic students? There is currently no quota for either cohort, however, should a quota be applied then applicants will be ranked on academic merit.
Can I apply if I have completed over 48 points now? Yes, if you are interested please apply even if you have one semester left to complete!

The Student Experience team will calculate your GPA of your first 48 points once an application has been received to check eligibility. You must still achieve the  required academic requirements at the end of your undergraduate course to be eligible for admissions into the JD.
I have a direct pathway to another course, can I keep this and have the direct pathway to the Juris Doctor? No, you can only hold one direct pathway at a time at UWA.
How long have I got to take up my JD 'direct pathway' place after I complete / graduate from my undergraduate degree? You have 3 years to take up your direct pathway place to the Juris Doctor.
Does the 48 points completed for eligibility include any credit? No, the 48 points must be all units completed at UWA.

For example, if you have a GPA of 6.0 and have completed 48 points in your course but 12 points of that were for credit from previous study then you are not eligible to apply yet.

You can apply once you have met this requirement.
Will I have the option to apply for the Juris Doctor at a later date?

Yes, if you have not yet completed the 48 points required to be eligible (this includes if you are studying part time).

Applications will open and close each semester for eligible students to apply.

Will I need to maintain a GPA of 6.0 (after my first 48 points) to keep my direct pathway to the Juris Doctor? No, you will need to meet the academic entry requirements for the JD at the time of commencement in this postgraduate course.
What if I did not complete 48 points in first year, how will my GPA be calculated? Your GPA will then be calculated on the highest results in the next teaching period that you studied.
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