Harvard Business School Course

What is the Harvard Business School Course and how do I enrol?
UWA has partnered with Harvard Business School (HBX) to deliver a prestigious business course to help you excel in your future career. HBX Credential of Readiness (HBX CORe) is an online program for undergraduate students to learn essential business skills in addition to their chosen majors. HBXCORe will develop your problem solving skills and give you confidence in business discussions and decision making. You will learn in a global cohort of peers – sharing perspectives on real-world challenges as you progress through the program.
The course covers business fundamentals, including business analytics, economics for managers and financial accounting. More information is available on the HBX CORe website.
HBX CORe is fully online and is equivalent to an undergraduate Level 1 unit at UWA worth 6 credit points (approximately 150 hours of work load). You may be permitted to include the unit in your course as a broadening unit (for degree-specific majors outside commerce) or an elective.
How long is the course and when can I enrol?
HBX CORe is offered at different times throughout the year. For full details, including program dates and application deadlines, refer to the HBX CORe website.
How do I enrol?
To enrol in HBX CORe as a UWA student:
  1. Submit your UWA application form for External Enrolment to your Student Advising Office for approval. If approved, you will be enrolled in a UWA External Unit.
  2. If your application is approved by your Student Advising Office, visit the HBX website.
  3. Create an account and apply for your preferred cohort of HBX CORe. If you are seeking Scholarship you are required to apply for the non-credit version of HBX CORe.
  4. In the 'Scholarships' section indicate UWA as your collaborating university.
  5. Once you have indicated this, UWA and HBX will automatically be notified of your scholarship application so you can take advantage of the benefit. There are a range of scholarships available to reduce your course fees. See:'How do I know if I am eligible for a Harvard Fee Reduction Scholarship?' for more information.
  6. Once your eligibility for a scholarship is assessed you will be notified and invited to complete course registration and payment with HBX.
Note: the University officially closes for the festive season from late December to early January each year.
How much will HBX CORe cost?
The cost of HBX CORe is normally $1950 USD. See 'How do I know if I am eligible for a Harvard Fee Reduction Scholarship?' for information on your eligibility for a fee reduction.
The fees for this course are paid up front directly to Harvard and therefore cannot be added to any existing HECS-HELP loan.
How do I get credit for the unit?
Approved HBX CORe applicants who successfully complete the program will receive 6 points of credit towards their course which will be shown on their formal UWA Academic Record.
You will be enrolled at UWA in an External Special Unit with an ENRL prefix. Once you complete the program your credit points will be updated and an Ungraded Pass (UP) or Ungraded Fail (UF) will be applied to the UWA unit. A note will also be added to your formal Academic Record to indicate successful completion of the program and the grade awarded by HBX.  

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