Checking if you are eligible for a Harvard Fee Reduction Scholarship

How do I know if I am eligible for a Harvard Fee Reduction Scholarship?

You are only eligible for a scholarship if you apply for the non-credit version of HBX Core, that is, you will not receive credit towards a Harvard University course. There are three fee reduction scholarship categories: High, Medium, Low. See the table below to identify which fee reduction category applies to you:








High need





Fairway & Broadway students

You completed a Fairway program or come from a Broadway school

Scholarship available

Final cost


You are receiving Centrelink






$1,550 USD








$400 USD




ATO statements

(Australian Taxation Office)

You are experiencing exceptional financial hardship but you are not receiving Centrelink (you will need to provide ATO statements)

Educational Disadvantage

You have been educationally disadvantaged e.g. Carer responsibilities, illness, family environment

Refugee or Humanitarian Visa

You are of the holder of a Refugee or other Humanitarian Visa.




On a UWA scholarship

You are or have received a Commonwealth financial aid scholarship or other UWA funded scholarship to meet your unit expenses or living costs



$1,150 USD



$800 USD



All other students who do not meet the above criteria

$550 USD

$1,400 USD

Once I have submitted my Harvard Scholarship application, what would I need to do next?
If you have submitted an application for a scholarship through Harvard, you will need to provide the UWA Scholarships office with relevant documentation to be verified including your approved School - External Enrolment Application Form. This can be submitted via Email Us or in hard copy to Student Central.

How will I know if I have been successful for the scholarship reduction?
You will be notified of the outcome by the UWA Scholarships office via email. UWA will advise Harvard of the outcome to apply the fee reduction.

The Fee Reduction Scholarship applies to the Harvard Business School Credential of Readiness (HBX CORe) program. More information is available at Harvard Business School Course.

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