WIL placements

How do I get a WIL placement, do I need to find my own?

Answer ID 2797 | Last updated on 08/09/2022 02.23 PM

For semester teaching periods, you will have an opportunity to apply for internships and placements via our marketplace, which is available only to WIL Placement Program students. We secure a range of quality internships and placements for you to apply for.

The WIL Placement Program is based on a competitive application process put in place to simulate a real job recruitment process. Make sure to put effort into the preparation, meet the required deadlines, and are professional at all times.

For non-standard teaching periods, you are expected to find your own placement or internship. You may also find your own placement opportunity for semester teaching periods. Please visit the Work Integrated Learning Placements and Internships web page to view resources and support available.

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