Insurance cover for the WIL placement unit

Do I need to arrange my own insurance cover for the WIL practicum unit?

Answer ID 2801 | Last updated on 08/09/2022 02.43 PM

Placements can either be paid or unpaid at the discretion of the host organisation. In the case of unpaid placements, students approved for the WIL Placement Program will be covered by the University’s Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance and, where relevant, University’s Travel insurance, for the duration of the placement. We will ensure all the relevant documentation is arranged with the host organisation prior to your placement starting.

If the host organisation needs a copy of the insurance, please contact the WIL Team or your Advising Student Office via Email Us.

In the case the placement is paid, you will enter into a contract of employment with the organisation and be covered by the organisation’s insurance including WorkCover insurance policy. Their employment arrangements must comply with the Fair Work Act 2009.

For further information please visit the WIL Placements and Internships web page.

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