Student Exchange unit approvals

How do I get unit approvals for Student Exchange?

Answer ID 2806 | Last updated on 31/01/2023 11.38 PM

Your UWA Student Advising Office must pre-approve every unit you take on exchange, whether it is a core, elective or other type of unit.

If the unit information for your exchange period is available (ie. the Host University’s handbook or unit details for the relevant period is published online or elsewhere) you can apply for unit approval by following the instructions in the PDF attachment.

Important Notes:

  • Start your journey by attending an information session, watching the introduction video, or by booking a friendly 1:1 appointment with the Global Learning Office (GLO) team.
  • Applications for exchange in semester 2, 2022 and semester 1, 2023 closed 1 December 2021.
  • Applications for exchange in semester 1, 2023 are now open - applications close 1 July 2022.
  • Unit approvals happen further down the track, once you have been matched with a host institution.
  • Current restrictions and advice: UWA has implemented an international travel ban for all staff and students due to COVID-19 in line with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trades' travel warning of 'Do Not Travel.' This decision was made to ensure the safety and health of all our students and staff, whether they are in Australia or overseas. The ban will be reviewed frequently due to the dynamic nature of the virus and the potential impacts it may have both here and abroad. We encourage you to proceed with your planned or future exchange applications as we are hopeful the travel ban will be lifted in due course. Please contact GLO before making any bookings/payments so we can advise on the best way to proceed.

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