Requesting a release from course of study as an International student

As an International student, how do I request a release from my course of study?

Answer ID 2826 | Last updated on 01/02/2023 09.54 AM

If you want to transfer to another education provider prior to commencement or during the first six months of your UWA course, you are required to apply for a release. You won’t be able to accept an offer at another education provider unless your release has been approved.

Contact Admissions, with a completed International Student Release Form, if:

  • You are currently enrolled in a pathway provider course (eg, UWA College, Canning College, or CELT), and do not want to continue your studies in your principal course at UWA, or
  • You have accepted an offer to study at UWA, but have decided to withdraw your acceptance before the semester starts, to study at a different education provider.
  • You are currently studying in your first semester at UWA, and want to leave your course before the semester is over.
If you have already completed one full-time semester of studies at UWA, you are not required to apply for a release.
Additional information about release requests can be found the International student essentials page.

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