How to apply for a student parking permit

How do I apply for a student parking permit?

Answer ID 285 | Last updated on 15/11/2022 08.11 AM

You can apply for a yellow student parking permit via studentConnect (select the 'Personal Details' link on your home page and look for the 'Transport' tab).

Permits purchased from studentConnect will be posted to your contact address.  Once payment is made, a 2 week temporary permit will be sent with your payment receipt via email.  The temporary permit must be printed and displayed on your vehicle until your permit arrives at your address.

You can only purchase your permit in person at the Unipark office if you have an exemption or are purchasing a UniAccess permit. You will be required to provide your:

  • current Student ID Card
  • vehicle make, model and registration number
  • Exemption or UniAccess letter 

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