Requirements to complete UWA Career and Employability Award

What are the requirements to complete the UWA Career and Employability Award?

The UWA Careers and Employability Award requires the completion of the following components:
  • Apply for the UWA Careers and Employability Award
  • 3 x LMS Career and Employability modules – Employ101, resulting in a “Career Toolkit” (approximately 5 hours in total
  • 3 x Development activities (approximately 3 hours in total), comprising
    • LMS Pre-Placement Program Modules (approximately 1.5 hours)
    • On Campus Employer events (minimum 1, maximum  2 events)
    • On Campus Employability events (minimum 1, maximum  2 events)
  • 3 x Experiential activities comprising (further details in next section):
  • 100 x Hours of work experience
  • 25 x Hours of volunteering; and
  • 2 x Supplementary activities
  • Personal reflection (maximum of 500 words or 5 minute video)
To apply for the award login to CareerHub.

Note: If you would like the Careers and Employability Award on your transcript you will need to submit all award requirements and apply for the award to go on your transcript, 1 calendar month prior to the 'I need to complete my course requirements by' date on the Online Application to Graduate Process”.

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