Offering activities for supplementary activities list for the UWA Careers and Employability Award

How can I have my program included in the supplementary activities list for students completing the UWA Careers and Employability award?

Boost student interest and engagement in your program and have the students completing your program recognised for their efforts by including your activity in the supplementary activities list for the UWA Careers and Employability Award.

To start, check if your activity / program meets the registration criteria. This ensures you have the best chance of being included in the Supplementary Activities Guide.


  • The program is not-for-credit or extra-curricular
  • The program is not listed on the UWA Guild Volunteer “Current List of Eligible organisations”
  • Students are required to register for the program/activity
  • The activity/ program has a formal developmental learning component. For example, Career Mentor Link – students attend an information session, a professional development session and complete a reflection / evaluation. Students are provided with a certificate of completion or similar.

If your program meets these criteria and you'd like it to be considered for inclusion in the UWA Careers & Employability Award as a Supplementary Activity, complete the form to provide details about your program. 

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