Enrolling in Music Ensemble units

How do I enrol in Music Ensemble units?

Answer ID 2910 | Last updated on 27/01/2023 05.22 PM

To enrol in Music Ensemble units:
  • Enrol in one of the for-credit ensemble units via studentConnect: MUSC1981, MUSC1982, MUSC2981 or MUSC2982.
  • Select two preferences via Class Timetable (CAS) for your favoured ensembles. CAS registers two preferences, if you only enter one it will default and make random selections.
  • Once the allocations are run, CAS will enrol you in your preferences.  
Note: if you have a clash with another unit, CAS will select other preferences which work with your timetable by default. In this instance please email as soon as possible. 

Once an ensemble is full, no spaces can be made. Please do not email with a request of this nature.

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