Difference between the Percussion Ensembles

What is the difference between the Percussion Ensembles?
World Percussion โ€“ non auditioned
This ensemble focuses on the music of West Africa, primarily Zimbabwean marimba music and West African djembe drumming. You will learn improvisation, rhythm and groove skills on both djembe and marimbas.
Percussion Fiesta โ€“ non auditioned
In this unit, you will learn Cuban Rumba, Brazilian Samba and have an opportunity to play congas, djembes, the marimba (giant xylophone originally from Africa) and even home-made instruments like the PVC thongaphone and tuned bottles.
Mixed Percussion โ€“ non auditioned
The Mixed Percussion broadening unit is a ten week exploration of the percussion ensemble from African drumming to Samba to body percussion, xylophones, vibraphones and marimbas. Over the course of the semester we choose a repertoire (often well-known songs and tunes), improvise and compose putting together a number of performance pieces for the final performance. The emphasis is on coming together as an ensemble and having fun making music together.

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