Difference between the Vocal ensembles

What is the difference between the Vocal ensembles?

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Symphonic Chorus โ€“ non auditioned
A large choir (60+) that is open to all students studying at UWA. Each semester the Chorus performs a major choral work with the UWA Symphony Orchestra chosen from the Western Art Music repertoire (ie classical music).
Broadway Choir โ€“ non auditioned
A medium sized choir (approx. 30) that is specifically designed as a Broadening Unit for non-Music students. The Chorus performs an end of semester concert showcasing choral works or arrangements with piano chosen from the Musical Theatre and related repertoire. 
Con-Cantorum - by audition (sight-reading skills essential)
A number of small a cappella (unaccompanied) ensembles designed for Music Major Voice students and advanced non-Music students (whether as volunteers or as a Broadening Unit students). You will be allocated as a solo member of various small ensembles (3-8 members) where each singer performs their own part, as well as singing in larger ensemble works. Each semester the Consort typically performs 20+ works chosen from both the Western Art Music repertoire (ie classical music) as well as arrangements of more contemporary popular standards. Non-Music students may participate as a Broadening Unit or as volunteers.   
Concordia Vocalis (Vocal Harmony) โ€“ by audition
This ensemble is the Conservatorium's premier vocal ensemble.  The 12-member ensemble sing predominantly A Capella works from all eras to modern day arrangements, in one-to-a-part as well as chamber pieces written specifically for elite singers.

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