Reason UWA graduation dates have changed

Why have the UWA graduation dates been changed?

Answer ID 2951 | Last updated on 30/01/2023 09.47 AM

Students have told us they would like to be able to graduate closer to when they complete their studies. We also understand you would like to celebrate your graduation with your friends. So, we've changed our graduation calendar; this means graduations previously held in March will now be held in December.

If your marks are finalised you'll be able to graduate in the year you complete your studies. You will also receive your academic record earlier – so you can start applying for jobs earlier and have everything you need for a successful application process. 

Conferment dates and configurations are available online. When you apply to graduate (based on eligibility) you will get a 24 hour window of your graduation ceremony date so you can start making plans. We'll keep you updated on your graduation details as it’s our aim to bring you an event which is set to be a highlight of your time at UWA.

If you have queries in the meantime you can Email Us.

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