Booking the Student PC Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds to promote your event

How do I make a booking for the Student PC Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds to promote my event? 

Answer ID 3051 | Last updated on 20/01/2023 05.15 PM

There are over 550 computers in the libraries and the desktop wallpaper is a good promotional channel (background screen seen after login). The wallpaper on the lock screen is also available. All bookings are for one week only.
  • Artwork can be displayed either on the desktop wallpaper or the lock screen. If you book the lock screen, ensure your artwork doesn't have important text in the very centre of it, as this will be covered by the login box.
  • Artwork must be saved as a JPEG with dimensions 1920px wide x 750px high.
  • Artwork does not need to display the UWA logo as this will be displayed below your graphic.
  • We require final artwork to be provided one week prior to the booking.
  • Attach the JPEG file to an email (not embedded) and submit a booking request to  Advise your preferred week to have the artwork displayed. 
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