John Monash Scholarship

John Monash Scholarship  
About the scholarship

Application Status: Closed
Closing date: 14th July 2020
Tenure: The John Monash Scholarship is valued at AUD $70,000 per year for a maximum of three years (up to AUD $210,000 )

John Monash Scholarships recognise excellence and leadership, and celebrate one of Australia’s finest leaders: General Sir John Monash. Scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding Australian graduates to support them with post graduate study at the world’s best universities. Successful applicants have demonstrated excellence in their field, leadership potential, and a vision for how they can contribute to a better Australia. The John Monash Scholarships are not limited by age, gender, academic field of study or choice of overseas university.

Why apply for a John Monash Scholarship?
Between 15 and 20 postgraduate Scholarships are available, depending on the quality of the candidates, each valued at AUD $70,000 per year for a maximum of three years (up to AUD $210,000).

For the applicants who receive a John Monash Scholarship, the benefits are immediate and enduring. John Monash Scholars achieve national and local recognition through the publicity offered to the Scholarships, and the Foundation and the John Monash Scholars form a professional network which continues to provide support for Scholars throughout their career.

If you have a record of achievement and the desire to play a leadership role for Australia contact us to discuss an application; the Foundation will be delighted to hear from you.

The following world class universities offer partial fee waivers to John Monash Scholars:

  • Kings College London (KCL) is a leading teaching and research university based in the heart of London with a wide range of courses.
  • Cranfield University, UK offers a top MBA program and a range of Masters programs with a strength in defence and engineering.
  • IE University in Madrid has a world-class business school, and offers outstanding Masters programs in law, human sciences and technology and architecture and design, all taught in English.

Review their website and contact for more information about the financial award.

Applications will close 14th July 11.59pm AEST

Completed applications including referees must be submitted prior to closing

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