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What is UWA Connect and how can I get involved?

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UWA Connect is an initiative which aims to connect new students and reconnect current students with services, activities and your peers through a series of six themed weeks. The themed weeks run as an extension to the traditional Orientation program which runs in O-week (the week before the start of semester). 

The program for the themed weeks is:

  • Week 1 of Semester: Study Connect
  • Week 2 of Semester: Social Connect 
  • Week 3 of Semester: Career Connect
  • Week 4 of Semester: Wellbeing Connect
  • Week 5 of Semester: Community Connect
  • Week 6 of Semester: Global and Cultural Connect
The UWA Connect activities and events provide opportunities for socialisation and wellbeing, plus academic support and engagement, they are also a great way to get involved at UWA.
Examples of events run across the connect weeks include; excursions and trips to various sites around Perth, helpful workshops, the Careers fair, the Study Abroad fair, sports and recreation events like free yoga and fitness classes and much more!
Information about the activities and events running across the Connect weeks is available via the final page on the UniStart website.

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