What to bring to Australia as an Australia Awards Scholarship Awardee

What should I bring with me to Australia if I am an Australia Awards Scholarship Awardee?

Answer ID 3106 | Last updated on 18/02/2022 12.07 PM

It is suggested that you bring with you:

  • your airport pick-up confirmation details
  • a copy of your e-visa and passport
  • driver’s licence
  • any academic documents which have been requested by the university
  • details of your medical history
  • power adaptor
  • calculator
  • comfortable shoes along with a jumper or coat
  • bathrobe, pyjamas and toiletries
  • current optical prescription and spare spectacles
  • photos of family and friends
If you are bringing school-age children, please bring along their birth certificates, immunisation records and education records.
Bring sufficient Australian dollars (approx AUD$500-600) to support yourself until you receive your Establishment Allowance.

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