Unit in Read only mode in CAS

What does it mean if a unit has 'Read only' next to it in CAS?

Answer ID 3113 | Last updated on 24/10/2022 12.57 PM

The meaning of 'Read only' changes depending on the time of the semester. 
  • During 'Preference entry period' - the unit is not accepting any preferences for the class activities. It is possible that the unit coordinator wants to manage it manually by allocating students later.
  • During 'Allocation adjustment' mode - you are not allowed to make allocation changes. Some schools manage the allocations internally and only show timetables in CAS.
  • From week 3 of semester, all units change to 'Read only' mode - allocation changes are not allowed for any units. You will need to contact your Student Advising Office if you need any adjustments.
Contact your Student Advising Office if you need future advice when CAS is in Read only mode.

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