Referencing Qualtrics in your research

How do I reference Qualtrics in my research?

Answer ID 3169 | Last updated on 07/01/2022 01.56 PM

Qualtrics Inc. provides general citation guidelines in APA format on their Blog. See Citing Qualtrics in Academic Research.

The provided General Citation Guidelines follow this format:

  • Company Name: Qualtrics
  • Development Company: Qualtrics
  • First release: 2005
  • Copyright Year (current year): 2022
  • Location: Provo, Utah, USA
  • Version: current Month(s) and year(s) of use
  • Available at:

Note: Qualtrics is a rolling release, cloud-based software solution, which means there are frequent updates to applications in software development. If you want the current Qualtrics version, choose the current month and year you are using. For example “January 2022".



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