Understanding the difference between your student email address and a login ID

What is my login ID and is it the same as my email address?

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As an enrolled student, the University provides you with an email address to communicate with the University and amongst your peers and others. Your email address will be in the format of: studentnumber@student.uwa.edu.au (e.g. 12345678@student.uwa.edu.au). This is also known as your Uni-ID and is used as your login ID. Most students will use this format to login to their email and other services such as OneDrive and Teams to gain access to the UWA provided services.

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students have the option to request an email alias to reflect their status. This means your email address will default to firstname.lastname@research.uwa.edu.au

Note: this is simply an email alias and IS NOT your login ID. Your Uni-ID stays as studentnumber@student.uwa.edu.au.  

Under no circumstances will any UWA application request you to use your HDR alias to login, however you may register this email alias with other external 3rd party services (e.g. Dropbox or LinkedIn) which you manage yourself.

In some cases, older applications will only request your Student Number. This is called your Pheme ID. Your password is the same for both your Uni-ID and Pheme ID (visit the Pheme website for more information or to change your password).

For assistance with your email address or using Student Email, please contact the University Library.

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