Applying for an ungraded pass (UP) or upgraded fail (UF) in the Juris Doctor program

I’m a Juris Doctor (JD) student, how can I apply for an ungraded pass (UP) or upgraded fail (UF) for Semester 1 2020?
The rigour and prestige of the UWA Juris Doctor program is widely recognised both in Australia and internationally. To maintain the high academic standards of the program and to ensure its continued accreditation by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia as a pathway to admission to legal practice, you must apply for an Ungraded Pass or Ungraded Fail. By treating each application on a case by case basis, we can ensure that the academic standing and excellent reputation of the course continues. This means you will not be disadvantaged in the clerkship and graduate recruitment process, as individual cases of hardship and disruption caused by COVID-19 will be taken into account.

What happens next?
Apply via the special consideration process. Your application should include a personal statement and any relevant supporting documents clearly explaining the impact COVID-19 has had on your studies this semester. If you don’t have any medical or professional services documentation, a personal statement can be accepted on its own, it just needs as much detail as possible in order for an assessment to be made. The more information and documentation we receive, the better!
  • Please use the subject line JD UP Request – Semester 1 2020 so it can be easily identified.
  • Applications are open now until 22 July 2020. The Deputy Dean (Students) in the Law School will assess all applications.
  • If you apply before the release of results, you have until 9:00am, 15 July 2020 to change your mind (in writing via Email Us) and opt to take your original result. 
  • The Exam Office will process all outcomes by 31 July 2020 – so you will not see changes to your record until this time. If you are graduating, you should consider this when ordering formal academic documents. 
  • If you have any questions about whether this is the right decision for you, please contact Murray Wesson, Deputy Dean (Students) to discuss further.

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