Counsellor support for your special consideration request

Can the counsellor support my request for special consideration?

Answer ID 3351 | Last updated on 26/04/2022 01.53 PM

Where appropriate, your counsellor may be able support a request for special consideration, if certain criteria are met. In recognition that unexpected events can seriously interrupt your studies during the year, your counsellor may be able to help you clarify and/or seek variations to your assessment schedule.

If you are seeking Special Consideration you must first speak with your Student Advising Office and discuss the type of special consideration for which you may be eligible. You must fill in the appropriate online form. If you are an existing client of our service you may wish to call or email your counsellor to discuss the special consideration if your next booked session is some time away.

You will often need to provide evidence to support the reasons explained in your Special Consideration application, and you are encouraged to bring any supporting evidence you have to your appointment with your counsellor. 

You can find out more information on UWA’s special consideration policy on the University Policies website.

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