Undertaking studies at another university

Can I take a subject at another university?

You may be able to complete unit/s at another university and have them credited towards your course at UWA. You can study at an:

  • Australian institution (including an offshore campus) on an approved cross-institutional arrangement
  • Overseas institution on an approved Student Exchange or Study Abroad program

Your unit/s must be approved by your Student Advising Office prior to undertaking the study.

On completion of your cross-institutional study you will need to submit a formal Academic Transcript from your host institution to your Student Advising Office so credit can be granted towards your UWA course.

Refer to the Enrolments website and 'I Want To Study A Unit At Another University' for further information on cross institutional study and Student Exchange/Study Abroad, including how to apply and application deadlines.

Note: Students undertaking cross-institutional, student exchange or study abroad units in their final semester may not be able to graduate at the next end-of-semester graduation ceremony (July and December). Students must be able to provide UWA with their official formal academic record with finalised grades by the 'Course Requirements Completed' deadline advised by UWA Graduations.

Some Australian institutions will not have released their final results by that date, and those students will not be able to attend the next end-of-semester graduation ceremony. Students may choose to graduate at the next available monthly in-absentia ceremony, or delay graduation to the following ceremony.

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