The affect your course major will have on your career options

Will the major I choose in my course affect my career options?

It depends on your course, majors, and requirements of employers in the sector you want to work in.

For some jobs you need to have completed a particular major. Others are available as long as you have the right degree. In some cases, any degree is OK.

  • Research Graduate Opportunities to find what employers are seeking specific degrees/majors.
  • Use the Jobs and Skills Centre website to research different occupations and find out the qualification requirements for different jobs.
  • Read through a number of Career Profiles to get some ideas about the requirements for entering a variety of graduate careers.
  • Take a look at UWA Courses to find our more information about course and career pathways.

Consulting relevant professional associations is also useful. Refer to the Job Outlook website to obtain further industry information. 

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