'On Probation' status explained

My Progress Status is On Probation. What does this mean?

If your progress status shows as ‘On Probation’ in studentConnect, it means you have not made satisfactory progress in your course, and you must contact your Faculty Adviser before re-enrolling in your course. Conditions and restrictions may apply to your enrolment. You will receive an email from the University explaining your progress status, and telling you what to do next.

Things to do next

  • Make an appointment with your Faculty Adviser, who will discuss any conditions and/or restrictions that may apply to your enrolment.
  • Access the support services available at Student Support, such as counselling and STUDYSmarter.
  • If you believe your progress status does not fairly reflect the worth of the academic work you submitted, you can lodge an appeal within 20 days of receiving your progress status notification.
  • If you are an international student, you must contact the International Student Adviser to find out how your progress status might affect your Student Visa.

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