Contacting the listing owner in the Housing Database

I can see the listings on the Housing Database, but how do I contact the owner?

If you have full access to the Housing Database as a UWA user, the title should be in blue text and underlined. Click on this link to access the contact of the advert. The contact details of the person listing the ad will be towards the bottom of the listing.

You need full access as a UWA user to be able to view the entire listing. If you are a UWA student or staff member with a current UWA ID number or have been offered and accepted a place at UWA you login to the Housing Database with your UWA ID number and Pheme password. If you are a prospective student who has accepted an offer at UWA you should activate your Pheme account in order to get full access to the Housing Database.

Students who have been offered a place at UWA but have not yet accepted their offer will need to accept an offer in order to get full access to the Housing Database.

If you experience any difficulties using the Housing Database please contact us.

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